Reverse Osmosis Systems
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reverse osmosis system

For many years, SCAM has been specializing in the design and manufacture of on-shore and marine plants for the production of fresh water from sea water.
Thermal processes principally used for the separation of salts were: submerged tube plants, multi-stage flash, thermo-compression, heat recovery.
The advent of new technologies employing semi-permeable membranes found us ready to face the required studies.

The results of these studies have enabled us, recently, to realize reverse osmosis plants( reverse osmosis system ). Experience, the technical co-operation with Engineering Companies and Test Institutes - that have been inspecting operating plants for more than ten years - allowed us to develop a line of package type "Reverse Osmosis Sea Water Desalting Plants", with a capacity ranging from 1 to 2,000 T/day.
For higher outputs, SCAM-RO plants are designed every time according to our Customers' requirements.

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